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Whitepaper of High Content Image Fusion

March 14, 2023, Guangzhou

High Content Image Fusion (HCIF) uses the most cutting-edge image processing algorithm and real-time fusion technology, aiming to break through the limitation of insufficient depth of field under high-magnification objective lens, and can obtain a larger depth of field when adjusting the focal length, so as to obtain a clearer than real-time single-frame image. It is a robust and competitive software function available in Windows software Pixit Pro and App for smart devices.

  • HCIF function supports LANOPTIK 12MP and higher resolution cameras.

  • HCIF function works very well when using biological microscope and metallurgical microscope. As the coarse and fine focus adjustment of stereo microscopes always come with a relatively large Z-axis offset, this is a great challenge to the algorithm of real-time fusion. Therefore, we recommend LANOPTIK cameras with rear-focusing knob to work with stereo microscopes and can also obtain perfect high-content images.

  • Cameras with rear-focusing mechanis