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New Software Version Release Announcement

February 10, 2017, Guangzhou

Lanoptik announces the release of iWorks 2.0 v20.17.106 with enhancements and important code corrections. The official software release is comprised by the latest files that reside in the server at the time of this announcement.   

Νew Features Introduced

  • Integrated driver for Nikon DS-Fi3, Jenoptik GRYPHAX, HAWK-MS300

  • Integrated driver for Hi-M2, Si-M5 and Si-M10 cameras.  

  • Integrated Stage Counter DSC800.

  • Cast iron analysis: Addition of Hyundai Motor Group standard. - Line, Circle, arc, Oval position result.

  • Beep wave sound output during FootSwitch operation.   

Κnown Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an error when saving as Excel with XLSX, XLSM extension.

  • Fixed an error when the number of cell data is specified by automatic file name.

  • Fixed a bug (BEX error) that may make it crash when running the program.

  • Fixed errors in position result update.

  • Fixed Flip error in HAWK-13CU Y800 mode.

  • Fixed a bug when aligning after concentricity measurement.

  • Fixed point position bug.

  • Fixed min/max distance bugs in lines and lines.   


Improved Items

  • Grain Analysis: Some modifications of statistical items (95% confidence interval)

  • Fixed an error when the number of cell data is specified by automatic file name.

  • Volume Fraction: Fixed measurement output report bug.

  • Hardness Tester: 1) Graph (carburizing depth graph) X only reflects the distance; 2) Graph (Carburizing depth graph) Applied when changing environment setting.

  • Enhancements for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system.

  • Various issues of the 3D Plot tool ... and more.    

Important Notes
  • iWorks 2.0 v.20.17.106 can only run with USB dongle v3.0 (released after Nov. 2015).

  • 64 bit operating systems are recommended for running on.   


Customers who are served directly by Lanoptik Technologies Ltd. may download the new software from their account in our server. They can access their account through the user login link at our web site Contact us if you miss your account details.  

New Software Version Release Announcement