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Complete Solutions to WiFi Microscope Interactive System

June 13, 2022, Guangzhou

Since the launch of the first generation 5G WiFi interactive system for microscope classroom in 2017, we have been keeping our pace on innovation, using the most cutting-edge wireless data transmission technology and optimizing digital microscopy imaging algorithms. We are pleased to announce that we now have a complete solution for all types of needs in building microscope classroom and smart interactive laboratory. For the Teacher Station, we adopted a highly integrated approach, combining the original master controller of system - VM3500 with the camera installed on teacher microscope, to form a new so-called WiFI Interactive Workstation. In this case, configuring the teacher station becomes particularly simple. Just select the appropriate interactive workstation according to the type and optical interface of the microscope. In terms of Student Station, the solution has been increased from only one plan to the current six plans, which completely cover almost all types of potential needs.

Plan A

Plan A uses an all-in-one embedded smart micros